Having an academic background outside the arts (graduated in
Industrial Pharmaceutical Chemistry) and professional practice for
more than a decade in logistics, his art is constructed on ideas
based on science, legends, and myths.

The practice of traditional arts such as painting and drawing
was recently enriched with photography and digital
photomanipulation, all learned in a completely self-taught form.
His work might be described in general as being a part of
Erotic Surrealism and Dark Surrealism. His work tackles the
deepest topics of the subconscious from a philosophical and
erotic point of view, always looking for the confusion born from
the union of opposite concepts, desire and disgust, beauty and
violence, life and death.

He tries to explore the deepest secrets of what causes us to live in
improvisation, disorder and caprice, maximum expressions of
freedom brought to a climax.

Convergence: Art in the Age of Pandaemonia. Online show sponsored by Dreams and Divinities. April 2020.

The Encyclopedia of Fernal Affairs & its Travelling Show, Bash Contemporary Gallery, San Francisco CA, June 2015.
Dreams and Divinities. Monterrey, Nuevo León, México. February 2015.
Endangered Visions. SMX Convention Center, Manila, Philippines. October 2014.
International Surrealism Now. Palace of Lousá, Portugal. October 2014. Group.
International Surrealism Now. Galeria Viera Portuense. September 2014. Group.
International Surrealism Now. Castelo Medieval, Palace Ega, Portugal.
June 2014. Group.
Seattle Erotic Show. Seattle, USA. May 2014.
Dreams and Divinities. San Cristóbal de las Casas, Chiapas, México. March 2014.
International Surrealism Now. Casa Roque Gameiro, Portugal. November 2013. Group.
International Surrealism Now. Lisboa, Portugal. April 2013.
Mitología Erótica. Coyoacán, Distrito Federal, México. February 2013.

Group.International Surrealism Now. Sétubal, Portugal. November 2012.
International Surrealism Now. Coimbra, Portugal. September 2012.
Seattle Erotic Show. Seattle, USA. May 2012.
Pandora´s Box Gallery. “La otra existencia” México City. November 2011. Group.
Imaginar sin límite. Cozumel, Quintana Roo, México. October 2011.
Chateau de Montbron. Charente, France. September 2011.
Mind and Matter. Tepotzotlán, Estado de México. México. June 2011.
Seattle Erotic Show. Seattle, USA. May 2011.
Sueño, luego existo. Film Club Café, Mexico City. May 2011. Solo show.
Abnormals Gallery. Berlin, Germany/Poznan, Poland. January 2011.
International Surrealism Now 2010. Coimbra, Portugal. May 2010.
Abnormals Gallery. Berlin, Germany. December 2009. Group.

Convergence: Art in the Age of Pandaemonia. April 2020.

Arte Arcana. Heavy Metal Artwork 2018

Heavy Metal Magazine 7th Issue ‘NIHILISM’2017

Masterpieces. Heavy Metal Artwork 2017

12 inches of sin. Volume IV

12 inches of sin. Volume II.

The Encyclopedia of Fernal Affairs, Dreams and Divinities, 2015.

Collaborative Collages, Blurb. 2012

Collaborative Corpse Yearbook 2010-2011. Also as co-editor.

Learning Curves. Cover. Novel by Dorie LaRue. 2011

THE ART OF COLLAGE YEAR BOOK 2010-2011. Also as co-editor.

VISIONARY ART YEARBOOK 2010 – 2011, Blurb 2010.

Imagine the imagination, nEgoist 2010. Also as Chief Editor
Death book, nEgoist 2009. Also as co-editor.

Scalped. Literary magazine. Cover. 2009.

SCHAMMASCH Cover Album 2017 “Hermaphrodithe”

Gallery Director of Pandora´s Box Gallery, Naucalpan, Estado de México. México
Society for Art of Imagination. Member since 2012

Visionary art. Member since 2011